Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Utility Cycling Survey

I'm contemplating writing an article profiling Utility Cyclists. So I'd like to get some input from y'all.

The first question is:
1. YES or NO - Do you use a bicycle for any type of "Utility Cycling"? (i.e. Running errands, commuting, anything OTHER than recreation or sporting.)

If you answered "YES" to Question 1, please answer all of the following questions (unless otherwise instructed, please choose only one answer for each question):

2. How many total miles a week do you typically Utility Cycle?
A. 30 miles or less
B. 31 to 100 miles
C. Over 100 miles

3. How many days a week do you typically Utility Cycle?
A. 1 day per week
B. 2 to 5 days per week
C. 6 or 7 days per week

4. Which of the following best describes the type of bicycle you use for most of your Utility Cycling?
A. Road Bike
B. Hybrid Bike
C. Mountain Bike
D. Recumbent (includes Velomobiles)
E. Other (includes Comfort bikes, BMX bikes, E-Bikes, etc.); please describe the bike.

5. What accessories do you feel are absolute necessities for Utility Cycling? (Choose as many as apply.)
A. Helmet
B. Lights
C. Cycling Computer
D. Backpack
E. Rear Rack and Panniers
F. Rack Bag (front and/or rear)
G. Handlebar Bag
H. Seat Bag
I. Fenders
J. Tool Kit
K. Spare Tube(s)
L. Pump
M. Other (please describe)

6. What is your age?
A. 20 years old or younger
B. 21 to 40 years old
C. 41 to 50 years old
D. 51 to 60 years old
E. 61 years old or older
F. That's NONE of your business, Cat!

7. How much do you weigh?
A. 160 pounds or less
B. 161 to 180 pounds
C. 181 to 200 pounds
D. 201 pounds or more
E. That TOO is NONE of your business, Cat!

Respond in a comment.