Saturday, November 20, 2010

Where Did YOU Go Today?

This morning, I was sitting outside one of my favorite haunts: Starbucks ...

I was utilizing the Official BluesCat Communication System to surf the Web, visiting one of my favorite web sites: the Recumbent Riders Social Club. One of my buddies there, Rydabent, who lives up in Lincoln, NE, was bemoaning the fact that it was 28° up there and his Stratus recumbent was gathering dust. When I got back to the house, I couldn't help but rub it in when I replied:

"I feel your pain, Rydabent! When I read your post, it was a bone-numbing 63° F!

"After a couple cups of hot coffee and a hot Panini sandwich, I gutted it out and rode up to the bike shop ...

... "where I bought a pair of knee warmers in preparation for commuting at 5:30 AM during January and February.

"'Do you want to wear them ... now?' the gal asked, with a really strange, quizzical look on her face.

"I looked down at the thermometer on the bike computer of Bluetiful. It now read 68° F.

"'No,' I whimpered, 'I think I'm good.'

"(Sorry guy, the blast furnace that is a Phoenix summer does weird things to your head; I can't help but revel in the gorgeous fall and winter temps around here.)"