Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nashbar Butterflies

Nashbar emailed me yesterday, and said the Trekking ATB/Hybrid "Butterfly" Handlebars will be back in stock in October.  No details, but it is certainly great news.  If they are the same price I paid ($22 USD) for the ones on the Yukon "Roadley," I may buy two more:  one for my son and one for "backup."

I have to (continue to) rave about these bars.  If you grab the front loop of the Trekking bars, and rest your forearms on grip portion at the back, you are down every bit as low as you would be on a drop handlebar.  Plus the fact that, unlike a drop handlebar, you are expending virtually no energy holding yourself up.  A bonus is the fact that the Trekking bars are aluminum and much lighter than the original, flat handlebar of the Giant.

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