Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bicycling Challenges

The ride home yesterday was filled with challenges. Not only did I continue to have problems with the Trek bike computer on Bluetiful, but I was almost taken out by an airhead woman in a white Mercedes. I had started across the street, in a crosswalk, talking to an attractive young female pedestrian walking beside me, and this lame ... er ... person whipped around the corner and sped past me less that a foot in front of my front wheel.

I shouted out something appropriate, gave her the Universal Sign of Disgust (which I KNOW she saw because I could see her eyes in her right-hand rear view mirror and she tapped her brakes), and continued across.

The pretty pedestrian smiled ever so slightly and asked if I was okay. I said "Yeah, I just needed to vent."

Good news is that I didn't get hit ... even better news is I think I figured out the problem with the bike computer: the sensor had slid down the fork slightly so I believe the spoke magnet was too far away from it to trigger it.

The computer worked fine today, and nobody tried to run me over.

Didn't see that cute pedestrian, though.

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  1. When I'm a ped or on a bicycle I noticed that I perceive crosswalk encounters totally differently than when I'm driving the car, which is why I now stop fully and wait until the half of the crosswalk on the side I'm driving through is completely empty of peds and bikes before I go through it. Seems like the law says something like that anyway? In a car, though, it seems like you think "There's room, I'll go ahead," forgetting that you're in a two ton steel death machine. Glad you are OK. And the cute ped too. :)