Friday, May 21, 2010

Over the Century Mark at Last

The National Weather Service said we hit 101°F today in Phoenix.

About halfway home today the thermometer on the bike computer hit 100°F.

About a mile later, when I had just turned south, the temperature bounced up to 102°F.

It didn't go below the 100°F mark all the rest of the way home.

Summer is here at last!  


  1. Yes! The allergies are totally in check. Time to start looking for monsoon goggles. I don't think I want to get my eyes sandblasted again this year. Maybe some surplus desert goggles would work.

  2. Let me know if and when you find something, JRA!

    Last winter, I discovered my eyes tearing like crazy when the cold, dry air blew around the sides of my eyeglass lenses.

    I looked ALL over the place for a pair of something like ski goggles or safety goggles that would fit over my progressive bifocals AND fit under my helmet. I couldn't find anything.

    Your comment gave me an idea, and I Googled "eyeglass side shields." Several safety equipment manufacturers make some clip-ons which may work, and I'm going to investigate further come Monday.