Saturday, November 20, 2010

Where Did YOU Go Today?

This morning, I was sitting outside one of my favorite haunts: Starbucks ...

I was utilizing the Official BluesCat Communication System to surf the Web, visiting one of my favorite web sites: the Recumbent Riders Social Club. One of my buddies there, Rydabent, who lives up in Lincoln, NE, was bemoaning the fact that it was 28° up there and his Stratus recumbent was gathering dust. When I got back to the house, I couldn't help but rub it in when I replied:

"I feel your pain, Rydabent! When I read your post, it was a bone-numbing 63° F!

"After a couple cups of hot coffee and a hot Panini sandwich, I gutted it out and rode up to the bike shop ...

... "where I bought a pair of knee warmers in preparation for commuting at 5:30 AM during January and February.

"'Do you want to wear them ... now?' the gal asked, with a really strange, quizzical look on her face.

"I looked down at the thermometer on the bike computer of Bluetiful. It now read 68° F.

"'No,' I whimpered, 'I think I'm good.'

"(Sorry guy, the blast furnace that is a Phoenix summer does weird things to your head; I can't help but revel in the gorgeous fall and winter temps around here.)"


  1. Heheh. Feeling smug?

    28 degrees can be is fine riding weather, depending on the road conditions. Then again, I have a very broad view of "fine riding weather" ...

  2. Apertome - Yeah, I remember being so acclimatized to the Flagstaff weather that I'd be out splitting firewood --- in a light snowfall --- in a t-shirt and jeans.

    But over a quarter century living back down in the Valley sure makes a cold-weather-wimp outta ya! (I broke into uncontrollable shivering as I ran through the beautiful pictures of your "Foggy ride through Gosport"!)

  3. Understandable. I get to feeling smug too sometimes, when conditions are better in my neck of the woods. Or sometimes, even when they aren't. Thanks for the kind words!