Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bicyclists Disrespecting Bicyclists

I regularly visit the site, because it very often has interesting articles and advice on one of my main bicycling activities, commuting. Recently, one of the writers there, Bike Shop Girl, started a series of articles about Building Your Perfect Commuter Bike. In one article, Bike Type, I naturally put in my vote for recumbents as the ideal bike type. My opinion was met with this response by a fellow named jamesmallon:

"God, recumbent riders are like herpes: unwanted and impossible to get rid of."

I responded with this:

jamesmallon: So, your objection to recumbents doesn’t have anything to do with the suitability of the bike for the task which Bike Shop Girl has set here (because you haven’t refuted anything I’ve said about them), and everything to do with the fact you simply don’t like the people who ride them.

Why is that, I wonder? The median age of recumbent riders seems to be my age: late fifties. Do you have a problem with folks who are older, wiser and more mature than you are?

A lot of the male bent riders seem to be war veterans, too; mostly of Vietnam, but some of Korea and even a smattering of WWII vets. Because of their age, and/or some of the injuries they sustained during their service, riding a conventional upright bicycle is simply not an option. You have a problem with people who have served their country honorably and bear the scars to prove it?

I really am intrigued by your answer.

If you'd like to follow along on any further developments, here's the link:

The Perfect Commuter Bike Type


  1. Hey Blues Cat,

    Thanks for keeping up on comments at CommuteByBike. Many folks have opinions and some aren't too positive, I'm doing my best to keep everyone on track but also can't delete everything.

    Keep your positive outlook.. no matter what the bike is, if you are riding it and liking it.. that is ALL that matters. Even if it is a Huffy from Walmart, it gets the job done.

  2. Hey, Arleigh, I really enjoy CommuteByBike. On my break time at work, it has become one of my favorite sites to visit.

    Don't worry about deleting comments like those from jamesmallon: we need those guys as "wit sharpeners"! (chuckle)