Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Chain Mark Solution?

I wear regular clothes when I ride my bikes.  I've just never gotten into the whole Lycra-sealed riding mode.

When I wear my Wrangler relaxed-fit jeans on The Roadley a velcro ankle strap is all I need to protect my jeans from chain marks since the bike has a big plastic chainwheel guard.

The chainwheels on the recumbent Bluetiful do not have a chainwheel guard.  And because the rotation of the way-crank-forward pedals puts the calf of my leg crossing the plane of the top of the chain, the loose fitting jeans rub the chain and I get a big patch of black chain lube on the calf of my jeans.

I've solved it by rolling up the pants leg above my knee:

Um, this ain't very stylish folks.  (Can you tell where the top of the sock ends and my platinum calf begins?)  What do all you other riders use in weather too cold for shorts?  Leg warmers?  Cycling pants?  Knickers?

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