Monday, November 23, 2009

A Tale of Two Trucks

(Say that three times, really fast!)

Continuing on to day three of No Auto Week, I had a whole set of Honey Doos I needed to do.

First chore: I needed to get some cat food for the seven feral cats we have adopted that live in our front and back yards. The Roadley seemed the best candidate for The Cat Food Truck:

A couple of bungee cords on the dry cat food bag draped over the rear rack and we had it done.

The fellow at Petco was helping an elderly lady out with her own big bags of pet food as I pulled up.  He said "You can park your bike inside next to the shopping carts."  There's the reason I shop at Petco, which is a half mile further away than another big franchise pet store.

Interesting factoid:  the Purina bag weighs 16 pounds, that's the amount of weight I have lost since I bought my Sun EZ Sport in February, 2009; almost ten months ago.

Second chore:  I had some items I needed to drop off at the Goodwill donation center.  Since the panniers were on the EZ Sport, Bluetiful, this task fell to her:

It wasn't much:  an old desk lamp, some housewares and an old CD/DVD reader.  It all fit very neatly in the panniers on Bluetiful.  When I pulled up to the drop-off, I set off the bell when I rolled over the pneumatic cable, and heard them call out "Bike!" on the inside.  The attendant smiled when he saw me, I said "The bike stays with ME" and he laughed.

After that, it was a run over to The Bike Barn to pick up a Christmas gift for my son and then ride back home.

Three days without using a car!

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