Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bluetiful Rides Pretty Quickly

Even with all of the weight of the panniers, the rack bag, the handlebar bag, and the contents of all those things, Bluetiful rides pretty quickly.

I was coming home from work last Thursday and a fellow on a road bike whizzed by me as I was just cruising, grabbing a drink. I put the water bottle back in the cage and spun up to catch him before he got too far ahead of me. I stayed behind him for about an eighth of a mile, letting him pull me uphill in a little headwind.

I backed off a little bit when we came up to a traffic light controlled intersection because there were a few cars passing us and, if one of them pulled a "right hook" at the light, I didn't want to take out his back wheel if he had to hit the brakes hard.

I caught up to him, and was right off of his rear wheel once again, when the light turned green for us. He turned and looked back at me. I thought he looked a little surprised that I was right there behind him.

He smiled, I waved and turned right while he went straight.

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