Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fixed the Click

I mentioned in a previous post that there was a clicking noise coming from the bottom bracket of Hardiboi.

I took him into The Bike Barn yesterday, and told the tech about the click with each rotation of the pedals. I also told him how you could hear it if you torqued the right crank left and right. He said "Well, it could be just loose," as he reached down and tried it for himself.

"Uh, oh," he said, and showed me how the whole crank would move as he twisted it. "It could be just loose, but it could be the bearing needs replacing."

"What's the price on the worst case scenario?" I asked.

"Around twenty-five bucks for the part and another twenty-five for the labor. It shouldn't be over fifty."

I told him to go ahead, but give me a call if he had to replace the parts. About an hour later he gave me a call and said, yes, the bottom bracket sealed bearing was bad and needed to be replaced. In the meantime, I had checked on-line for pricing on the TruVativ 113mm sealed bearing prices, and found it varied from $10 to $40 for the bearing. I felt it was a pretty good deal, so I told him to go ahead and about an hour after that he called and told me it was done.

When I picked up the bike, another tech who wrote up the bill told me I might want to get an 8mm Allen wrench to make sure those cranks stayed tight. I had wanted to check the tightness of the cranks on Hardiboi --- and Bluetiful and The Roadley --- but I didn't have a big enough Allen wrench. I picked up a Park Tools HR-8 crank wrench for five bucks.

No more clicking! I've read the section on cranks in my Parks Big Blue Book, and apparently the right-hand, Allen bolt is standard right-hand thread. Does anybody know if the left-hand crank Allen bolt is reverse thread?

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