Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fashion Square Bicycles

Last Saturday, I went over to Scottsdale Fashion Square to look for a Mother's Day present for Mrs. Cat. For those unfamiliar with Fashion Square, it is a very tony shopping mall near downtown Scottsdale, Arizona.

I don't remember ever seeing anything which has to do with bicycles in Fashion Square. Maybe, because of the price of oil or because of Bike to Work Month, we've finally hit some kind of tipping point for the well-heeled. I saw two bicycles on display there. One was probably the most exotic commuter-type bike I have ever seen:

The other was part of the display for a tourism company:

Granted, they were displays, but at least there were BICYCLES in the Land of Mercedes and BMW, and you could actually BUY that green bike!

It was a woman's shop, and it was filled with women, and I was in a hurry to get Momma Cat's present, so I didn't stop in to get any details.

Anybody know what kind of bike that is?


  1. Not sure what type of bike that is--but I note the matching sun dress, as well as the mounted bag/accessories. I look for these to be locked up with cheap cable locks through the front wheel at a racks around the city soon...

  2. (chuckle) Yeah, JRA, I don't know as I'd bother defeating even a cable lock to snatch that bike, but I think it was a Brooks saddle ... that might be nice to have ... it and the leather bag would look GREAT on the Batavus! ;)