Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Journalistic Ineptitude

My gosh, we had another bicyclist killed yesterday afternoon:

Hit-and-run kills bicyclist in Avondale

Avondale is a town of about 85,000 just west of Phoenix. Quote from this news item:

"Avondale police received calls at about 1 p.m. after a man driving a green Ford Taurus on Van Buren Street near 107th Avenue struck a man on a bike and continued driving..."

Yeah, it figures, after all, it was only a bicyclist.

"The bicyclist was pronounced dead at the scene ... A witness followed the Taurus as it continued driving westbound on 107th Avenue ... Officers attempted to stop the auto near Van Buren and 123rd Avenue, but the man refused to yield, driving westbound into eastbound traffic on Van Buren and driving up onto curbs and sidewalks ... The car, apparently significantly damaged, began slowing, and two officers stopped the man by blocking his path with their patrol cars."

Uh oh, I bet I know WHY this guy tried to rabbit. Wait a minute, "Westbound on 107th Avenue"?? 107th Avenue goes north and south!

"The driver was taken to a hospital for injuries sustained during the incident and will be taken into custody upon his release ..."

So, anything else besides resisting arrest? Like maybe "defying the laws of physics by driving westbound on a road that goes north and south"?

"Police believe the man may have been impaired ..."

YEAH!? REALLY?!? "may have been impaired"? YA THINK???

Well, at least they didn't make me snort in anger by mentioning whether the bicyclist was wearing a helmet or not. Maybe that was because I think it's pretty obvious who's at fault here.

I'm wondering at the lack of interest of the writer of this article. Or maybe it is plain incompetence (sorta like not knowing which direction avenues go in the Phoenix metro area). I immediately thought of a few additional questions which could have been asked:

"When this driver is taken into custody, besides 'leaving the scene of a fatal accident,' are there any other charges which will be considered?"

"Did the driver say anything? Or offer any explanation?"

"Have there been any other bicycling fatalities in the area where this one occurred?"

I guess there are so many hot news items in Avondale that the death of a bicyclist just doesn't rate more than a few paragraphs.

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  1. The westbound route on those north and south streets is typically a couple of hundred feet isn't it?

    What about the witness? Did he have trouble following?

    This is why Arizona has a stupid driver law, isn't it?