Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Commute Route: Through Hong Kong

Okay, okay, so it isn't through Hong Kong, but by Hong Kong ... the New Hong Kong restaurant, that is:

(giggle) I crack myself up ... Actually, I'm easily amused by myself. (That sounds somehow just wrong, don't it?)

No, all seriousness aside, I like this new route because it combines the crossing of two major arterial streets into one intersection.

Although I have nothing to back it up except for anecdotal incidents, it seems to me that the vast majority of my hair-raising exchanges with motor vehicles have taken place when we are meeting at the confluence of a major arterial and a collector street or a local road.

If I am the one on the arterial, and the motorist is the one turning right in front of me from a local road, more often than not I am the victim of the Invisible Two-Wheeled Vehicle Syndrome. They will pull out as if I'm not even there.

If I am the one making a right onto an arterial from a local road, the second he sees my blinking taillight, the motorist coming up behind me takes it as a signal to floor his gas pedal.

And motorists seem to have fewer qualms about blowing through a yellow light (or even a RED light) if the traffic signal is on a mere collector street crossing their MUCH more important path on a major road.

At the meeting of two major streets, even motorists seem to be paying more attention, and actually driving more cautiously, than anywhere else. Maybe it is the presence of all of the other big vehicles which can ruin their day if they collide with them. Or maybe it is all the pedestrians and city buses which are causing them to be more attentive.

Anybody else think that these intersections are safer for cyclists? Or am I all wet?

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