Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Busy Day, Busy Rides

Ran around like a crazy man all day, catching up on things which needed to be done in the main office.

The bike rides were no less frenetic. On the EZ Sport in the morning, I have never seen so much traffic at 5:15 AM. It was all I could do to stay out of the way. Several times I had to stay behind cars, spinning in a very low gear, until the way was clear and could crank faster.

In one of the regular neighborhoods I ride through, the irrigation had overflowed the yards and created a river running down the street, carrying all sorts of leaves and other trash into the roadway. The road tires on the recumbent inspire zero confidence in such low traction environments, so I darted around in the road picking the least flooded spots with the cleanest water.

In the evening, a wind had kicked up blowing out of the northeast. I had taken The Roadley, and did not know how gusty it was until it caught the side of the bike while I was in the middle of an intersection. On the recumbent, I would have hardly felt it, but on the mountain bike I had to lean into the wind. The grip of the Serfas tires was pretty reassuring, along with being able to put my forearms down on the Trekking handlebars to get a little more aerodynamic.

On the way home, I sat up as tall as I could and caught the wind at my back. I averaged over 20 miles per hour for the first time in seven years of riding the Giant.

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