Wednesday, September 9, 2009

In the Drivethru

Was just about ready for my morning exercise ride, and realized I hadn't filled two prescriptions last night.

So rather than speeding around on the Sun, I popped the empty bottles into the handlebar bag of the Roadley and headed up to the Walgreens. As I approached, I saw that the drivethru was open. I figured I would save some time so I pulled up there and hit the call button.

I have heard that in some corners of the country bicycles are not welcome in the drivethru lanes, but I didn't see any signs prohibiting me from using this one. The pharmacist didn't even bat an eye, but smiled and told me "20 minutes." I took the long route home, took off my helmet, brushed my teeth, washed my face and shaved. I was back in the drivethru lane in about 25 minutes. The pharmacist saw me pull up, waved, brought out the scripts and I was back home about five minutes later.

I may make this a regular, fun monthly errand.

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